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mylogo This material discusses the use of the Google Map API, in conjunction with HTML, PHP, and mySQL, to generate a page displaying the locations of members belonging to Programming Forums.

I anticipate that the final product will employ "hacks" that connect it to the member database of forum/BB software and use the information normally found on a user's profile. Currently, the information is contained in an independent database. Get the files.

  A Google Map Project   

“A man's homeland is whereever he prospers.”
— Aristophanes

The Google Maps API

The Google Maps API lets you embed a Google map in your application. It is a collection of script objects possessing various properties and methods for their manipulation. The code is included in your page in the same way that you would include any external .js file.

You must have a key as part of the link to the code. You will need a different key for each URI you plan to use. It is effective for all subdirectories of the URI to which it applies. I mention this because the FTP address for my site differs from my actual domain name. My programming tool constructs the www address from the ftp address when it invokes the browser. Rather than dink with the URI each time, I obtained two keys -- one for daweidesigns.netfirms.com and another for www.daweidesigns.com.

At first glance, the documentation looks like very good descriptive material, but less than a comprehensive API specification. "Application Programming Interface". An API is an interface that enables one program to use facilities provided by another.
I based some of my early usage on inferences I drew from the information. That was truly unnecessary. The things that you can do are covered, but you may have to look in a couple of different places. The material does not cover the actual design of the object, of course. A curious person such as I would obviously like to see that, but the objects, their properties, and the methods necessary for their use are exposed quite adequately. If you're really curious, you may call a Google function with invalid parameters, trigger an error, and use your debugger or Javascript Console to pull up the code and have a look.

This project has two very distinct pieces — the map, and an information area. I chose to place them horizontally, side by side. Let's put a map on the page.